If you prefer whiskey stones over traditional ice, then these are by far the most badass whiskey stones you can buy. These stainless steel whiskey rocks are fashioned out of 304 stainless steel, a material that won’t rust or corrode and that holds a cold temperature incredibly well. Unlike ice, whiskey stones are non-porous and thus odorless and tasteless. So, adding Whiskey Stones to your favorite bourbon will chill the spirit without affecting its taste. This is a very cool gadget for the man who has everything. You get to enjoy two passions (firearms and scotch) at the same time, in a safe way!

BarMe Stainless Steel Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones and Storage Bag (Set of 6)

If your considering buying granite or soapstone whiskey stones, steel beats rock according to the tests. Cool Material tested a bunch of different whiskey stones to see what material performed best. They found that that stainless steel was the best material of the bunch. Not only did steel drop the temperature of the bourbon a significant amount (over 20 degrees each), but it kept the drink cool for over an hour.

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